star wars episodio iii - banda sonora original
star wars episodio iii

Star wars episodio iii

Banda sonora original

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Disco 1
1Star Wars And The Revenge Of The Sith
2Anakin`s Dream
3Battle Of The Heroes
4Anakin`s Betrayal
5Generall Grievous
6Palpatine`s Teachings
7Grievous And The Droids
8Padme`s Ruminations
9Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan
10Anakin`s Dark Deeds
11Enter Lord Vader
12The Immolation Scene
13Greivous Speaks To The Lord Sidious
14The Birth Of The Twins And Padme`s Destiny
15A New Hope And End Credits
Disco 2
1Star Wars Main Title From All Films
2Duel Of The Fates From Episode I
3Anakin`s Theme From Episode 1
4Across The Stars From Episode 2
5Revenge Of The Sith From Episode 3
6The Imperial March From Episode 2
7The Dune Sea Of Tatoonie / Jawa Sandcrawler From
8Binary Sunset / Cantina Band From Episode 4
9Princess Leia`s Theme From Episode 4
10Ben`s Death / The Fighter Attack From Episode 4
11Yoda`s Theme From Episode 5
12The Asteroid Field From Episode 5
13Luke And Leia From Episode 6
14The Forest Battle From Episode 6
15Light Of The Force From Episode 6
16Throne Room / Finale From Episode 4

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