the warner bros. years 1971 -1983 - box 10 cds - doobie brothers
the warner bros. years 1971 -1983 - box 10 cds
the warner bros. years 1971 -1983 - box 10 cds

The warner bros. years 1971 -1983 - box 10 cds

Doobie brothers

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THE DOOBIE BROTHERS The Doobie Brothers: The Warner Bros. Years 1971 - 1983 contiene 10 discos de etapa del grupo en Warner Bros:
The Doobie Brothers (1971): `Nobody,` `Travelin` Man,` `Beehive State`
Toulouse Street (1972): `Listen to the Music,` `Jesus is Just Alright,` `Rockin` Down the Highway`
The Captain and Me (1973): `Long Train Runnin`,` `China Grove`
What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits (1974): `Another Park, Another Sunday,` `Eyes of Silver,` `Black Water`
Stampede (1975): `Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me),` `Sweet Maxine,` `I Cheat the Hangman`
Takin` It to the Streets (1976): `Takin` It to the Streets,` `Wheels of Fortune,` `It Keeps You Runnin``
Livin` on the Fault Line (1977): `Little Darling (I Need You),` `Echoes of Love`
Minute by Minute (1978): `What a Fool Believes,` `Minute by Minute,` `Dependin` on You`
One Step Closer (1980): `Real Love,` `One Step Closer,` `Keep This Train A-Rollin``
Farewell Tour (1983): `You Belong To Me`

Disco 1
2Slippery St. Paul
3Greenwood Creek
4It Won`t Be Right
5Travelin` Man
6Feelin` Down Farther
7The Master
8Growin` a Little Each Day
9Beehive State
10Closer Every Day
Disco 2
1Listen to the Music
2Rockin` Down the Highway
4Toulouse Street
5Cotton Mouth
6Don`t Start Me to Talkin`
7Jesus Is Just Alright
8White Sun
10Snake Man
Disco 3
1Natural Thing
2Long Train Runnin`
3China Grove
4Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
5Clear As the Driven Snow
6Without You
7South City Midnight Lady
8Evil Woman
9Busted Down Around O`Connelly Corners
11The Captain and Me
Disco 4
1Song to See You Through
3Pursuit On 53rd Street
4Black Water
5Eyes of Silver
6Road Angel
7You Just Can`t Stop It
8Tell Me What You Want (And I`ll Give You What You Need)
9Down in the Track
10Another Park, Another Sunday
11Daughters of the Sea
12Flying Cloud
Disco 5
1Sweet Maxine
2Neal`s Fandango
3Texas Lullaby
4Music Man
5Slack Key Soquel Rag
6Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)
7I Cheat the Hangman
9Rainy Day Crossroad Blues
10I Been Workin` On You
11Double Dealin` Four Flusher
Disco 6
1Wheels of Fortune
2Takin` It to the Streets
3th Avenue Shuffle
4Losin` End
6For Someone Special
7It Keeps You Runnin`
8Turn It Loose
9Carry Me Away
Disco 7
1You`re Made That Way
2Echoes of Love
3Little Darling (I Need You)
4You Belong to Me
5Livin` On the Fault Line
6Nothin` But a Heartache
8There`s a Light
9Need a Lady
10Larry the Logger Two-step
Disco 8
1Here to Love You
2What a Fool Believes
3Minute By Minute
4Dependin` On You
5Don`t Stop to Watch the Wheels
6Open Your Eyes
7Sweet Feelin`
8Steamer Lane Breakdown
9You Never Change
10How Do Fools Survive?
Disco 9
1Dedicate This Heart
2Real Love
3No Stoppin` Us Now
4Thank You Love
5One Step Closer
6Keep This Train A-rollin`
7Just in Time
8South Bay Strut (Instrumental)
9One By One
Disco 10
1Slippery St. Paul
2Takin` It to the Streets
3Jesus Is Just Alright With Me
4Minute By Minute
5Can`t Let It Get Away
6Listen to the Music
7Echoes of Love
8What a Fool Believes
9Black Water
10You Belong to Me
11Slack Key Soquel Rag
12Steamer Lane Breakdown
13South City Midnight Lady
15Don`t Start Me Talkin`
16Long Train Runnin`
17China Grove

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